Mole Removal using Radiowave Technology

2 June 2017

Mole Removal

For many patients, the minor surgical procedure involved in the removal of small moles and warts can be daunting. In fact, just the mere thought of any need for a surgical procedure no matter how small, can have many of us hiding behind the sofa. Thankfully, help is at hand. Here at the Mayfair practice we pride ourselves on utilising the latest and most modern advances in aesthetic treatments which allows us to remove most moles without any pain and leaving minimal, if any, scarring.
Once such advance in these treatments, has over the last few years taken the aesthetic industry by storm. We are of course talking about Radiowave technology and the benefits and rewards this procedure brings to patients and their expectations.
Firstly, it might be a good idea to explain what a mole is and how they develop on the body. The medical term for a mole is melanocytic naevus, which can be broken down to A) melanocytes – Cells which produce dark pigment e.g., Melanin. B) naevus – cluster.
So the medical term melanocytic naevus, literally means a cluster of dark cells. All moles start at the junction of the epidermis and dermis, and are more properly described as junctional naevi, appearing dark on the skin. Whilst some moles can be present at birth (congenital melanocytic naevi). Most moles develop during childhood and early adult life. Indeed, it is common during pregnancy, for some women to notice their moles often getting darker. It is generally accepted that the appearance of moles are hereditary, with some families passing down a susceptibility for the growth of moles from one generation to another. Happily, a majority of moles carry no negative effects, and many people are happy to live their lives with skin blemishes and feel no need for a removal procedure. But in some cases, patients can experience a soreness due to the mole catching or rubbing on clothing, and seek a way to remove the mole and this discomfort. Equally, many patients who develop moles later adult life, suffer from a loss of confidence, especially if the mole is prominent around the face or another area of exposed skin. It is here where the benefits of mole removal are keenly felt, and the simple minor surgical procedure to remove the mole, often has the added benefit of removing years of apprehension and self-consciousness and promoting a renewed confidence.

Treatment Steps

Like any medical procedure, the small process of mole removal is one of several steps, and here at the Mayfair Practice, we recognise the need to approach any treatment with a thorough and proven clinical assessment procedure.
Firstly, one of our Mayfair doctors undertake a medical and lifestyle consultancy, then as the procedure is explained to the patient, any lingering questions or concerns can be answered in a thorough, open and professional manner. Next, we examine the patient’s mole under the special polarized light of a Dermascope, allowing us to categorise the mole or naevi by type. This is an important procedure, as once we identify the mole by type we then understand whether it will remain benign or have the potential to become malignant (cancerous). Usually most moles are perfectly normal and harmless. Once the mole is diagnosed as benign, our team of specialist practitioners at the Mayfair Practice use the latest Radiowave technology to painlessly remove your mole.

Mole Removal Procedure Using Radiowave

Firstly the area is injected with lidocaine to make the procedure completely painless. The use of Radiowave surgery to remove moles involves the passage of high-frequency radio waves into the skin as the mole is touched with the tip of the electrode. These radio waves are generated via a radiosurgery unit consisting of an electrode, a ground plate and a transformer, which creates a very high-frequency radio wave. The plastic-coated ground plate is usually placed under the patient. The electrode, in the form of a small platinum wire loop; is controlled by the practitioner during the mole removal procedure.  As the electrode is touched to the skin, radio waves travel from the tip to the mole and return to the electrode via the ground plate, concentrating its beam at the electrode’s tip, which produces steam within the cells, thus vaporising them and dividing the tissues. This occurs because of heat produced by the tissue’s resistance to the passage of a high-frequency wave. This heat makes the intracellular fluid contained within the mole boil, and thereby increases the cell inner pressure to a point where it breaks from the inside to the outside. As there is no carbonisation of tissue involved in this method of mole removal, this gives the added benefit of minimal scaring. The blood also coagulates so there is not bleeding and the actual tip of the electrode it cold to the touch so there is no burning of skin tissue.

Post-Op Treatments and Skin Protection

Immediately after your mole removal procedure, the area of skin will have a pinkish colouration as though you have wounded the skin’s surface.  As part of the treatment we place medicated cream and a small skin coloured dressing over the treated area so you can resume normal activity immediately upon leaving the clinic. The healing process then begins, and over a period of a few days a small scab will appear. This should be allowed to naturally fall off, and after a week or so, the new skin will be visible and with time will fade to match the surrounding tissue.  We will advise you on aftercare to ensure the most aesthetically pleasing healing and skincare protection.

Benefits of Radiowave Treatment

Whilst there are many procedures available for the removal of moles, the use of Radiowave Technology offers a range of benefits to patients, which aren’t available with other treatments. Patients are often astounded by the simplicity of this mole removal procedure and its lack of discomfort, minimal bleeding and tissue damage. Its rapid healing and good aesthetic result with minimal or no scarring.
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We are discreetly located in Mayfair, with Bond Street and Marble Arch Tube stations only a few minutes walk. Nestled between Selfridges and Grosvenor Square, we are neighbours to Harley Street’s Private Medical District.

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